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Magic Valley Akhal-Tekes

About Us

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Jas Shearer has been breeding Akhal-Tekes since 1986.  Jas was introduced to the breed by the late Eberhard Sprandel. The German native had migrated to Colorado specifically because the area was conducive to Akhal-Teke breeding.  Sprandel passed his passion for this ancient breed on to Jas.  Since then, Jas has been committed to promoting the Akhal-Teke to others in the equine world who appreciate the unique qualities of this ancient breed.  

Magic Valley Ranch Akhal-Tekes have proven their worth in competitions ranging from endurance rides and combined training events to the dressage ring and polo field.  In addition to competing successfully in dressage events and endurance rides, Jas was among the finishers in the Pony Express reenactment ride XP2001 -- which retraced the actual route from St. Joseph, Missouri to Virginia City, Nevada.  Riding her Akhal-Tekes Astrachan and Dancer, Jas demonstrated the Akhal-Tekes' phenomenal ability to persevere challenging conditions.

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